Atlantic City Electric’s Smart Energy Network Coming to South Jersey

Electric Worker holding a Smart Energy Network Meter
December 23, 2022

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – (December 23, 2022) – Atlantic City Electric is building a Smart Energy Network throughout its South Jersey service area. The network is designed to enhance reliability, improve the resiliency of energy service and customer experience, and support new tools and programs to help customers save money and energy. As part of the build out, the company’s approximately 565,000 residential and business customers will receive upgraded smart meters.

Smart meters allow for secure communication between properties and the company’s central operations facility, providing real-time information about energy service, as well as a host of other benefits related to an improved customer experience. This real-time information will be particularly important for quicker power restoration following increasingly common disruptive weather events – and for programs that will allow individuals as well as businesses to closely monitor and manage their energy use.

The Smart Energy Network will help drive the South Jersey economy by supporting local and diverse companies, with more than $27 million going to local companies that are supporting the company’s smart meter upgrades. The project also creates jobs for field technicians and support personnel that Atlantic City Electric has worked to bring to South Jersey communities since 2018, when it joined a consortium of workforce development boards and vocational schools in a $6.5 million education program to fill next-generation energy roles.

Customers will receive several notices about the timing of their meter upgrades and what to expect during the process as well as more information about the new features and specific timing for enabling their smart meters’ enhanced functionality closer to the activation date.

The Smart Network and Its Benefits

Once complete, the Smart Energy Network will provide:

  • Tools that can help customers use energy more efficiently and save money.
  • Enhanced reliability with faster and more efficient power restoration efforts.
  • More detailed outage information when outages occur.
  • Reduced need for estimated billing.
  • Better integration of new clean energy technologies.

Atlantic City Electric is continuing to connect customers who may be facing financial challenges with available energy assistance resources. The company works with community and government partners to get funding into the hands of those customers who need it most to help meet their energy needs. Customers can visit or call 800-642-3780 to learn more about energy assistance programs and services.

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