Special Improvement Division (SID)

The CRDA’s Special Improvement Division (SID) performs many services throughout the Tourism District that improve the cleanliness and safety for the business community and visitors to Atlantic City. The SID division is comprised of a General Maintenance group of 43 year-round team members and up to 25 seasonal team members. SID also oversees an Ambassador/Environmental Services group consisting of 30 full-time team members and 30 seasonal team members. SID also works closely with the CRDA-funded Atlantic City Police Department Neighborhood Community Officer Program.

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Important SID Information

SID Public Hearing Notices

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SID Public Hearing Agendas

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What We Do

The SID provides services, such as:

Boardwalk and dune cleaning, recycling collection, street/curb line/sidewalk cleaning, landscape maintenance of parks and main corridor planter beds, maintenance of the Albany Avenue “Welcome” sign and island, beautification of vacant lots through the construction of pocket parks or community gardens, tree replacement, installation of banners and winter decorations, tree trimming, snow removal from CRDA owned and managed properties, Boardwalk comfort station operations/cleaning/supply procurement, graffiti removal, installation and maintenance of bus shelters, city park cleanliness, memorial bench assembly/installation, CRDA owned fleet maintenance, warehouse and receiving operations, large scale special event support, directing homeless individuals to social services, reporting disorderly individuals and suspicious activity to the Atlantic City Police Department, discouraging aggressive pan handling, and providing advice and information to tourists.

The SID division is comprised of a General Maintenance group of 43 year-round team members and up to 25 seasonal team members. SID also oversees an Ambassador/Environmental Services group consisting of 30 full-time team members and 30 seasonal team members.


The CRDA Special Improvement Division’s General Maintenance team provides landscape, environmental services, public space and construction duties throughout the Tourism District.

Landscaping duties include: upkeep of parks and green areas throughout the Tourism District in organized teams that handle various aspects of landscaping from mowing and pesticides to irrigation and even the management of the banner installation program in the district. The core staff is operating at full-swing from April through November and needs are adjusted according to each season.

The day-to-day task of keeping the Tourism District clean includes daily street sweeping, steam cleaning of roads, gum removal and graffiti removal. A team of dedicated pan and broom sweepers ensure a high level of cleanliness day-in and day-out. Our cleaning crews also manage trash removal and recycling from the nearly 1,000 containers that are place throughout the Tourism District, as well as maintenance and upkeep of light poles and Boardwalk benches/furniture.

The task of public spaces and construction entails the upkeep of the Boardwalk Operations Center and the maintenance of the Boardwalk’s Comfort Stations. Other tasks include development and implementation of new Boardwalk furniture, arches, Adirondack chairs, backless benches and planters. Our crew also creates hardscaping elements in the planters and decorative walls for pocket parks.


The Ambassador program originally started in 1992 as a courtesy patrol and slowly graduated into the Ambassador program of today. The program includes 30 full-time team members and 30 seasonal team members. The Ambassadors patrol the Boardwalk and other areas within the Tourism District providing tourism assistance, cleaning and sanitation of restrooms, and crowd control support for special events, such as the Atlantic City Airshow, Atlantic City Farmers Markets, Boardwalk Hall concerts and Atlantic City beach concerts.

The Ambassadors, who patrol the city by foot, bicycle and specialized utility patrol vehicles with each Ambassador being designated to specific areas, duties also are to provide additional eyes and ears for the SID General Maintenance team, Atlantic City Police Department, support efforts for code enforcement, recognize public area hazards, and send daily operational reports to the SID management team to further the CRDA’s mission to keep the city “clean and safe.” As new tasks arise, the team is trained to tackle each task with professionalism and a smile.

Clean & Green Projects

Boardwalk Furniture Replacement Project – This project includes constructing, installing, and maintaining 1.) 70 beach entrance arches, 2.) 140 contemporary benches, 3.) 95 Adirondack chairs, 4.) 140 flower planters, 5.) 24 traditional backless benches along the Boardwalk.

Atlantic City Arts Foundation Support – This project includes various type of in-kind support such as 1.) providing pieces Adirondack furniture to foundation artists for artistic enhancement, sealing and installation of the finished pieces in various locations including the boardwalk and Captain O’Donnell Park 2.) preparation and graffiti sealing of large mural locations throughout the tourism district 3.) assistance by providing Ambassador and/or General Maintenance support for foundation events and special projects such as annual “Arteriors” art exhibits and artist showcases.

Bus and Jitney Shelters – This project includes the design, procurement, installation, and ongoing maintenance of 50 new bus and Jitney shelters.

Gardners Basin Landscape Improvements – This project includes the redesign and build out of Rhode Island Avenue into major entrance, the redesign and expansion of side parking lot in eco-friendly parking, and redesign and landscaping of New Hampshire Avenue entrance.

Pocket Parks  – This project selects individual vacant lots and creates a more attractive, landscaped appearance until a better use for the property is established.

Seeding of Bader Field – This project included the 22 acres between the runways at Bader Field. The CRDA cut, graded, slit seeded, fertilized, and watered the property to create a better surface for future events.

Texas Avenue Playground – This project took back the playground for the community, allowing the school to use it for recess and after-school community use.

Trash and Recycling Container Upgrade Project – This project included purchasing and ongoing maintenance of 990 new trash and recycling containers and placing them throughout Tourism District.