Department Descriptions


The Administration Department is responsible for managing Board operations and coordinating all proceedings of the Authority’s governing body and its committees. In addition, the department is responsible for facilities management of the Authority’s main office location, information technology across the organization’s various locations, and management of the administrative systems, procedures and functions of the Authority.


The Law Department is charged with advising and guiding the Authority in its statutory mission to revitalize the City of Atlantic City. Led by the General Counsel who is the Chief Legal Officer, the Law Department addresses legal matters within the Tourism District and oversees the functions at the Authority in a professional, ethical, and cost effective manner.

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The Department of Finance oversees the Authority’s assets and protects its resources. Led by the Chief Financial Officer, the Department of Finance provides fiscal policy recommendations to the leadership of the Authority and is responsible for all financial activities and functions of the Authority. This includes paying all employees; paying all vendors; collecting all revenue; recording all receipts, expenditures, and other financial transactions; and preparing all financial reports on behalf of the Authority. The department is also responsible for the Authority’s assets and resources, including investments, revenues, budgetary appropriations and expenditures, and fixed assets.

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Communications and Marketing

The Department of Communications Office oversees external and internal communications, public relations and events, brand identity, and communications/marketing strategy for the Authority.

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Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department works to ensure that the City of Atlantic City remains a vibrant and sustainable city by partnering with key decision makers and the community to balance the spectrum of needs and interests while addressing the dynamics of growth and change. The Planning & Development department guides the physical development within the Tourism District and ensures safe construction of buildings and infrastructure. This process is governed through development and enforcement of codes and standards as established by CRDA’s Masterplan and regulations.

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Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining and processing personnel records, pensions and health benefits for the Authority according to the State of New Jersey guidelines and provisions.

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Project Implementation & Management

The Project Implementation & Management department is charged with managing the planning and implementation of capital development projects within the Tourism District in the City of Atlantic City. This department also maintains and ensures project management standards for infrastructure capital improvements specific to utilities and facilities on behalf of the Authority.

Special Improvement Division

The CRDA’s Special Improvement Division (SID) performs many services throughout the Tourism District that improves the cleanliness and safety of the business community and visitors to Atlantic City. The SID division is comprised of a General Maintenance group of 43 year-round team members, up to 25 seasonal team members, and a 46-member Ambassador/Environmental Services group. SID also works closely with the CRDA funded Atlantic City Police Department Tourism District Patrol Unit.

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Facilities Management

The Facilities Management division is responsible for the building assets that are owned by the Authority. This includes the Atlantic City Convention Center, Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall, the headquarters building known as the “Firehouse” as well as other assets. The division is also responsible for the oversight of all building construction, renovations, and repairs for the Authority.

Atlantic City Convention Center and Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall: Please visit the websites for the Atlantic City Convention Center and Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall. To inquire or book a facility, please visit Meet AC.